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RepublicanNews.in is not a corporate media company. Financially it is a small, but independent New Media Company. It is a part of the lives of its readers and viewers through written words and videos.

This is a group of some energetic people born with journalism in their blood. This group is made up of experienced journalists who have gained experience after working hard for years in different media institutions. To provide an impartial and fearless platform to the potential which was not utilised due to some reason during those experiences, RepublicanNews.in was started in 2017 from the land of Bihar, which gave the concept of democracy to the world.

None of its founders is above 50 years of age. After losing one of our founders due to wrong treatment during Covid, we have understood our responsibility even more strongly that we have to become the voice of the voiceless, helpless and people who have become reactionless despite seeing everything.

Our small, but dedicated team is currently focused on Bihar, but we are not leaving the country and the world untouched. We bring knowledge-enhancing and essential news to our readers and viewers from across the world including India.

Voices of the Voiceless

“NEWS is not written against anyone, but if it is ‘NEWS’ then it will usually go against those who do wrong against the country or the society.”

A New Era of Media

This is the era of misinformation or disinformation, so we are checking facts before going live. Stands against hate or violence or rumors.

Independent Media

We work without fear or favour, affection or ill will to discharge our honest journalistic duties by the Constitution and the law.

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